Welcome to TyphonJS!
In short TyphonJS / https://typhonjs.io is a platform for modern mobile & web app development focusing not only on framework concerns, but also providing fully featured pipelines for integrated container deployment for server / database resources and web apps built on top of JSPM / SystemJS including maintenance and monitoring solutions via rkt / Kubernetes / Helm facilitated by a standalone configuration / management app currently in development with local testing via Kube-Cluster macOS or MiniKube along with remote deployment. In addition for Javascript web apps integrated deployment options to convert them to desktop apps via Electron is available now and Cordova for direct mobile deployment is forthcoming.

TyphonJS provides a modernized version of Backbone / backbone-es6 and related extensions for Parse (backbone-parse-es6), Firebase (forthcoming), Meteor (halfway there) and SocketStream (forthcoming). In addition a forthcoming complete data / event driven component library built on top of Material Design Lite for backbone-es6 web apps is provided. However, the larger toolchain is applicable to any web app framework that can leverage JSPM / SystemJS.

For native mobile apps TyphonJS provides a pipeline for container based deployment of server / database backends for cloud hosted solutions primarily Parse, Meteor and SocketStream.

TyphonJS is a multi-organization / repo effort being open sourced under the MPLv2.0 license. A multi org / repo toolchain is currently in development to support TyphonJS and beyond. This approach allows various modules / components of TyphonJS to be mixed and matched more easily with the web app framework of your choice amongst other scenarios. In many ways TyphonJS provides the glue between various important open source development / deployment tooling along with providing additional first party components. All first party Javascript source code is fully documented and is modern ES6 written in a standard idiomatic style.

Please bear with us while the tooling and various framework integrations are completed. Full documentation and testing resources are already provided in most repos and a universal automated documentation repo / web site will be available soon.

This current web site simply documents ongoing TyphonJS development and early access resources available now and is purely informational at this time.

Join our low volume announcement list below to be notified of major ongoing progress and the 1.0 launch of TyphonJS:
Current status / progress
The following tasks are next up for completion:
  • typhonjs-node-tjsdoc: finish TJSDoc which provides comprehensive API documentation for ES6+ with forthcoming Typescript support
  • typhonjs-node-escomplex: a major rewrite of escomplex is almost complete for ES6+ support and a TJSDoc plugin w/ D3 interactive graphs for complexity reports.
  • typhonjs-node-tjsdoc: finish all TJSDoc plugins including D3 interactive graphs of JSPM / NPM / WebPack managed source & packages (JSPM package demo).
  • typhonjs-node-tjsdoc: complete multi-org / repo automatic TJSDoc documentation generation via Travis CI.
  • backbone-esnext: completely modularize backbone-es6 into separate repos w/ ES6+ updates removing Underscore.
  • Canonical demos
    The recommended ES6 / JSPM / SystemJS demo web apps are below (installable as Android home screen apps!):
  • backbone-es6-localstorage-todos / demo / docs - Provides the canonical TODOs demo for backbone-es6 using typhonjs-core-backbone-localstorage

  • Electron / desktop versions of a couple of the web apps above:
  • electron-backbone-es6-localstorage-todos - Provides a desktop version of backbone-es6-localstorage-todos for backbone-es6

  • The following demos show rhetorical ways to consume TyphonJS including global JS / RequireJS usage:
  • backbone-es6-localstorage-todos-global-es5 / demo - Provides the canonical TODOs demo for backbone-es6 using typhonjs-core-backbone-localstorage
  • backbone-es6-localstorage-todos-requirejs-es5 / demo - Provides the canonical TODOs demo for backbone-es6 using typhonjs-core-backbone-localstorage
  • TyphonJS organizations / repos
    Below is an overview of all of the TyphonJS organizations / repos hosted on Github as of May 4th 2017:
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